Marie Applegate is a Bay Area artist, curator, producer and founder of the Creative Compassion Initiative and the Village Artist-in-Residency program. She advocates for

* leveraging creativity in public spaces as a means of spreading compassion

* paying artists a thriveable - not just survivable - compensation

* doing everything in her power to keep creatives in they Bay Area


Inspired by Stanford's Center for Compassion Altruism Research and Education's (CCARE) and affiliates, her playful large scale interactive art installations promotes compassion, prosocial behaviors and emotional intelligence in public spaces. The majority of her work has been at the epicenter of transitioning neighborhoods in San Francisco. At the juncture of the old and new lays much tension that could be relieved; Marie believes that civic engagement through immersive public art can have a subtle yet powerful impact, disarming tensions while presenting opportunity for the disconnected to (re)connect. Through public art experiences, Marie continues to witness bystanders transform into everyday heroes, as they empower themselves and others to fully connect.

With her continued alliances with Stanford CCARE, Asian Art Museum, City of San Francisco, San Francisco Public Library, Yerba Buena Center of the Arts, Exploratorium, social thought leaders Jim Doty, Philip Zimbardo, the Ekmans and local Bay Area Artists communities, she aims to bring alive human connection, creativity and compassion in our public spaces. 


Marie is seeking big hearted, socially minded, compassion loving B E N E F A C T O R (S). She is also looking to connect with other leaders in non-profit, social science, government, corporate and real estate development organizations to collaborate on how to maximize use of common spaces through artistic endeavors. She is particularly interested in creating immersive public art installations, establishing artist-in-resident programs for public spaces, and speaking engagements. 

When not immersed in the the public service of art, she spends time with her cosmic lover and their two children.