Interactive Public Art Transforms Bystanders into Everyday Heroes

Selected Projects

 interactive public installations promoting a culture of

creativity, compassion, and prosocial behaviors

Village Artists-in-Residency

2016 - ongoing

Together, Let's Be         

a crowdsourced guide for everyday heroes





This six-month long participatory project hopes to transform bystanders into

active caring citizens. 


In collaboration with artist, Alice Lee.

Commissioned by the Asian Art Museum + the San Francisco's Civic Center Commons Initiative. 

photos by Justin Yee

photos by Quincy Stamper

Floating Garden

of Emotions


Tap into your feels with the Floating Garden of Emotions, inspired by

the Atlas of Emotions . This whimsical participatory experience invites folks to explore and understand their own and others'  emotional journey, in hopes of creating a culture of

creative compassion.


In collaboration with local Bay Area artist, Jasper Speicher.

Commissioned by the Asian Art Museum + the San Francisco's Civic Center Commons Initiative. 

Urban Jungle of Possibilities


A creative exploration of the  three innovation techniques: 

Bending, Blending and Breaking. 


Project in collaboration with musical composer, Anthony Brandt and  neuroscientist, David Eagleman. 


Commissioned by the Asian Art Museum + the San Francisco's Civic Center Commons Initiative. 

Special thanks to the Exploratorium's Studio for Public Spaces for their mirror and mobile exhibtions!


photos by Justin Yee

photos by Quincy Stamper

Technicolor Zen



This colorful urban zen garden featured five unique mindfulness and compassion-based participatory stations, inspired by and in collaboration with Stanford's Center for Compassion Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)


Commissioned by the Asian Art Museum + the San Francisco's Civic Center Commons Initiative

In collaboration with local Bay Area artist Ben Snyder. 

Everyday Hero


Connect + High Five!

3 for Life


Civic Center Commons Initiative

Culture Conference

Activate McCoppin

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Charlie Gadekan's Helix

Marie's Story

Marie is an experience designer, curator and artist.

As a student at the International School of Manila in the Philippines, she witnessed and experienced deep connections that celebrated yet transcended religious, national, and cultural differences present at her school; this is at the heart of her work. 

Her designs harness the power of awe and serendipity in public spaces, transforming these fleeting moments into conduits for viral prosocial behaviors. Her interactive multi-sensory experiences ensure that the right here right now experience gets imprinted for high memory recall.


Marie collaborates with world-renowned scientists, forward thinking cultural organizations, city governments, real estate developers, event producers and social impact-focused creatives to make it all happen.

She founded the Asian Art Museum's Village Artist-in-Residence program for their public spaces in San Francisco's Civic Center. Due to its success, the budget increased by 1/3 in a years time. Most recently she started the Creative Compassion Initiative, a public arts org that values connection, compassion, creativity; hiring locally; and honoring creatives with a thriveable compensation. 

Her work has been featured at the Asian Art Museum, SF Civic Center, Exploratorium, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Market Street Prototyping Festival, Makers Faire, and The Culture Conference. Some projects have been highlighted in SF Chronicle, SF Weekly, Huffington Post, Inc., Fast Company, Shareable, Dr. Zimbardo's Blog, and Maker Faire. 


Collaborators include Dr. Philip Zimbardo, David Eagleman, Anthony Brandt, Dr. Paul Ekman, Dr. Eve Ekman, Stanford Center for Compassion Altruism Research and Education (CCARE), Asian Art Museum, Exploratorium, City of San Francisco, City of Palo Alto, local Bay Area creatives: Ben Snyder, NONAPS, Rebecca Saylor, Norna Ross, Elizabeth Marley, Alice Lee, Jasper Speicher and her mentors, Dr. James Doty of Stanford CCARE and Allison Wyckoff of the Asian Art Museum.

Marie mentored youth at the SF Public Library, Minerva School and Palo Alto Art Center.


She speaks at conferences, organizations and universities. 

Her inspiration often comes from spending time with her cosmic lover and their two children.


  • One of the best compassion research leaders / world renowned neurosurgeons is her mentor.


  • In 2018, over four thousand people showed up and engaged with her installation, Floating Garden of Emotions ... on super bowl Sunday!


  • Marie proactively chose to home-school herself freshman year of high school to eliminate initial exposure to peer pressure.

  • When she was 11, she went to outdoor survival school in Malaysia, where she made her own tent from scratch and camped in it, and built a raft out of bamboo for transportation on the swamp.

Connect and High Five!

Marie is currently open to new creative collaborations and projects. Say hi here.