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She leads her company and is on the board. She’s beautiful, travels the world and has a wonderful husband and family.


Yet she still asked, is this it?

Together, we explored soul nourishment and deep satisfaction.

The creator of an international movement and at the top of her game.


Yet, she still asked, how do I attract the right life partner?

Together, we explored values and alignment. 

He was a corporate engineer turned successful serial founder.


Yet, he still asked, how do I do it this time?

Together, we explored the kindergarten mindset & a multidisciplinary approach.

Former CEO of the Asian division of a Fortune 10 company.


Yet, she still asked, how do I balance being a leader, mom, wife, and friend?


Together, we explored boundaries & balance.

Marie’s super power is supporting people in suspending their personal beliefs and exploring and expanding their realm of possibilities in personal and professional realms. She’s an ear, mirror, shoulder, cheerleader, and strategist, and is best known for asking creative prompts to unlock people's inner compass and wisdom.


Her right & left brain approach effortlessly blends the kindergarten essence of curiosity & playfulness, the travel mindset of possibility & adventure, and the design thinking awareness of the interdisciplinary perspective. 


Marie coaches and advises people and organizations with accountability, creating systems, personal awareness and clarity. Some include systems thinking nonprofits, biotech start-ups, burning man projects, conferences, museums, and corporate projects. She has held space for former CEO’s of global corporations, NYT Best Selling authors, VP’s of nationwide companies, serial entrepreneurs, and folks who don’t know what they’re doing but are super motivated. ;) 


Her speciality is serving high achieving entrepreneurs and leaders amidst an evolutionary point of their lives; whether they're coming out of a sabbatical, creating a new life purpose, starting another company, or balancing an already-thriving business with wanting to refocus on their personal relationships to others or to themselves.

To create a robust foundation, she recommends her signature program, Atlas of Self, a 1:1 three-day mind, heart, and soul expanding experience that encapsulates your history, your now, and your vision casting; followed by 6 months of coaching for real time integration.

He’s a NYT best selling author, entrepreneur, and world renowned speaker.


Yet he still asked, am I enough? 

Together, we explored and rediscovered self-worth.

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